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It is the place where you can buy and sell Tether and different cryptocurrencies face-to-face in Turkey with cash and at the same time, you can safely and quickly send and receive money from Turkey to Russia, Poland, Germany, France and many other countries.

  • Buying and selling cryptocurrencies for cash
  • International Money transfer transactions
  • Advisory services for Cryptocurrency and Trade in Turkey
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With years of experience, Coins Sales makes the trading process very easy for you. If you want to take advantage of the advantages, choose us to buy or sell Tether in Istanbul:

Crypto Buying and Selling

With P2P TURKEY, you can buy and sell Tether and other cryptocurrencies face-to-face with cash in Turkey.

International Money Transfer

With P2P TURKEY, you can send and receive money from Turkey to Russia, Poland, Germany, France and many other countries face to face.

Consulting Services

Get consultancy on creating Cryptocurrency wallets, International Money transfer, trade and legal regulations in Turkey with P2P TURKEY consultants.

How does it work?

If you want to buy or sell Crypto with cash in Turkey quickly and privately, P2P Turkey is a reliable trading office. For your Tether and many cryptocurrencies trading transactions, simply visit our office, leave the other transactions to us.


Determine the amount you want to buy or sell with the calculator on the P2P website.

Make Appointment

Set up appointments with P2P staff using call, Whatsapp or Telegram channels.

Send or Receive your cryptocurrency

Visit our Istanbul office, choose the type of transaction you want to do

Take or Give Your Money

Get your payment in return for the transaction you have made or make your payment.


Let's take a look at the experiences our customers have shared in their own words. Together, anything is possible.

It was pretty easy for me to convert my money when I came from France for a few days. Strong individuals and fast help! Discretion. Excellent and accommodating staff. Best prices and exceptional customer support.

Saul G.

Отличное отношение к клиентам и вежливый персонал! Отличный курс и комиссия. Как получить лучшую цену при продаже биткойнов в Стамбуле? пользуюсь этим сервисом довольно часто. уважаемый

Sara W.

Enim nisi quem export duis labore cillum quae magna enim sint quorum nulla quem veniam duis minim tempor labore quem eram duis noster aute amet eram fore quis sint minim.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

A great exchanger. there was a large amount. I agreed on the minimum commission, there is nothing cheaper in Istanbul. Everything is very fast and safe. The manager speaks Russian.

Matt B.

The most efficient, fastest and best rate. Definitely come back. I am grateful The service is outstanding and the owner is extremely knowledgeable. The best city to trade Bitcoin is in Turkey. highly recommended

John L.

P2P TURKEY frequently asked questions

A quick look at frequently asked questions about P2P TURKEY and its Services !

  • P2P Kripto Para Alım ve Satım İşlemi

    With P2P TURKEY, you can buy and sell Tether and other cryptocurrencies face-to-face in Turkey with cash. All our transactions are carried out in our Istanbul office. We do all our transactions with cash.

  • Türkiy'den Rusya, Polonya, Almanya, Fransa ve daha bir çok ülkeleye para gönderme ve alma işlemlerinizi güvenle, hızla yapabileceğiniz yerdir.

  • Kripto para ve para transfer işlemerinin tümü nakit yapılmaktadır. x Banka kullanmıyoruz x Kredi Kartı Kullanmıyoruz x Istanbul ofisimiz dışında farklı adres ve şehirlerde işlem yapmıyoruz.

  • Tüm işlemleriniz güvenli ve şekilde istanbul ofisimizde geçekleştiril. Müşteri gizliliğine önem veririz. Herhangi bir işlem alt veya üst limitimiz yoktur. Dakikalar içinde işlemleriniz gerçekleştirilir.

  • Kripto paralar hakkında derin bilgi ve tecrübelerimizden faydalanın. Türkiye'de ticaret yapmak için hukuksal ve muhasebesel destek alın. Gayrimenkul ve benzeri yatırımlarınızda uzamanlarımızdan destek alın. Uluslararası para transferleriniz için çözümler üretelim.


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